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Get the Knowledge & Confidence You Need to Make Financial Decisions

The mission of VIP Financial Associates is to Empower our clients with Knowledge so that they are making educated decisions based on economically and fundamentally sound Truths that align with their financial objectives, goals and Values. Not someone else's opinions.

How We Empower Our Clients

Women and Wealth

Listen, Ask, Teach and Guide for



The last 8 years before retirement are integral. Are you on track for the retirement you deserve?  



You've worked hard to get here. We'll help make sure you can enjoy it with added confidence. 


One simple call. One office. A wealth of available solutions.

There was a day when the bank or credit union was all anybody needed. Of course, those simple day's are now a distant memory. We have never lived in a more complicated and hazardous financial world, where it is nearly impossible to keep things simple. There are many areas of financial planning and retirement finance that require specialized knowledge, experience and expertise.

Meet the VIP Financial Team

Greg Gall Photo

Greg Gall

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Greg carries the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation. He followed his parents into financial planning back in 1988 and then co-founded, VIP Financial Associates LLC. in 2002 with his mother. He is also a partner with Eagle Team LLC, where he has trained over a 1000 financial advisors across the US. Knowledge is a core value to Greg as he helps educate clients on how to minimize current and future income taxation, how to maximize their tax deductions, how to help pay for college and other major purchases, how and when to guarantee retirement incomes, how to minimize investment and interest risk, how to minimize and even eliminate life insurance premiums on life policies that are intended for estate purposes, and how small businesses and family farms can fund their buy sell agreements or equalize their estates without negatively impacting their current and future cash flow. 

Greg will tell you that he believes that the financial institutions have done a woefully inadequate job of not only educating Americans, but also financial advisors as well.

If you ask Greg why he does what he does, he will tell you that he enjoys empowering people with knowledge, so that they can pursue their goals and dreams, and lead a fulfilled life.

Greg currently lives with his wife Renee in Hudson, WI. He has three grown children. He enjoys volunteering, hunting, fishing, hiking, travelling, boating, shed hunting and skijouring with his dog, and helping maintain the family farm.

Lisa Anthony Photo

Lisa Anthony

Expert in Women's Wealth
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It sounds cliché I know, but helping people has always been a passion of mine.  I grew up in a suburban lifestyle with a twist of farm life.  Both of my parents grew up on family farms and because family is a value to us, I had the privilege of spending much time on those farms.   The influence of farm-life along with depression generation grandparents, making wise financial decisions was taught early in life.

My journey has been in small business, corporate America and for the past 20 years in the financial services industry as an advisor.

I view myself as a financial coach/mentor that focuses on teaching and empowering clients to make stronger financial decisions based upon scripture and economic facts rather than opinions. I make finances simple in a safe environment.  I listen and ask questions to understand my clients, build trust and discover their money behaviors.  This allows me to guide, teach and empower them to feel confident to make financial decisions.  I am transparent of my journey to speak into areas if needed that are not always related to finances, but to lend guidance.

My goal for each of my clients is to help create and preserve wealth, providing them with a lifetime strategy to help them gain financial control of their lives and to reach their financial goals and dreams.  Each one of us has a "money story".  My role is to discover your money story and guide you to write a better ending to it.

While not focusing my energy on clients, I enjoy spending time with my husband, riding my motorcycle, exercising, traveling, reading and cooking.  I have two adult sons, daughter-in-law and grandson. I cherish the moments we get to spend together.

I have four core values that guide me professionally and personally.  Those values are faith, truth, health and family  These core values reflect how I work with my clients and the civic organizations that I’m involved with.  I’m an active member of local church and  various organizations in my community.

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The mission of VIP Financial Associates is to provide our clients with knowledge so that they have greater confidence in making financial decisions that are based on truths, and aligned with their values and financial objectives. 

Our primary focus is to help provide our clients with fundamentally sound, easy-to-understand, financial and estate planning guidance. We believe it is the cornerstone of financial security for our clients to understand and to help protect their assets from excessive taxation, probate costs, medical expenses and a vacillating stock market.

Getting Answers is Easy...

We help provide our clients with fundamentally sound, easy-to-understand, financial and estate planning guidance. Contact us today to better understand and protect your financial future.

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